Great question…

The idea we have bought into, is that our genes control our lives.  Our traits and characteristics were passed down from our parents and our genetic makeup is already so to speak pre-determined.

Which means if diabetes, heart disease, or cancer run in the family, you are out of luck.

In fact, most people that I talk to whether it be a new patient in the office or a colleague in the health profession, when I ask the pressing question about health history, they typically answer it is because of my genetics.  “It runs in the family.”

Which now leads to an even bigger question-
Are we victims of our own family’s hereditary traits?

The answer:
NO  –hooray 🙂

In the emerging field of Epigentics (the new science) researchers are discovering that our genes have no control of our lives.  What genes do is actually nothing at all.  They are not responsible for any activity inside the cell at all.  The genes only act as a blueprint.

Let’s look at this in another light.  If you were an architect and I walked into your office and you just completed the design (blueprint) for this amazing chiropractic building.  Just awesome- and I said “so where is the on button to transform this blueprint into the building itself.”

You would say- “it’s just the blueprint, it doesn’t do anything dummy.”

This is exactly how our genes function.  They do nothing except lay out a blueprint.

So what actually turns on the genes to create our lives???

I guess you better tune into the webinar tomorrow night to find out 🙂