We have arrived to that time of year again where everyone is filling out what they hope to be a perfect bracket.  Whether you are a college basketball fan or not, this is the time of year that truly engages the entire nation to pull for the underdog.

I see chiropractic in everything, probably because I love chiropractic.  But in correlating march madness with chiropractic, I see the underdog.

This profession has had it’s share of battles.  In fact, the American Medical Association (AMA) was found guilty of an illegal conspiracy against chiropractic in 1987 that was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1990.  They found the AMA guilty of trying to eradicate the chiropractic profession.

Why would they try to do that??

Probably a better question to ask would be- Why do they not want people to hear the story of chiropractic?

The best question to ask would be-  What would happen if more people actually knew the truth about chiropractic?

I believe you would see more empowered people in regards to their health.  More people expressing their full health potential and living life rather than just surviving.

Since it’s inception in 1895, chiropractic has been giving hope to people who have nowhere else to turn.  Just in my short time in practice of over 7 years, I have witnessed many miracles happen because of chiropractic.  How does this happen?  Chiropractic is just for neck and back pain right??

Not even close… Chiropractic has everything to do with how your nervous system is functioning.  Your nervous system controls every aspect of your life.  When it’s not operating at it’s full potential, that’s when dis-ease occurs in the body.  Healing always occurs from inside-out.  Never from the outside in.  Think about a minor cut at the elbow after falling down on the pavement.  Does the band aid heal the wound or does the body heal it?

It’s my choice to share the truth about chiropractic because I know the impact it can have on an individual, a family, and ultimately the future.

The take home question of the day that I hope you all can answer is- How do you know if your nervous system is functioning at it’s best? 🙂

So the only way for this underdog to win is to share the message with more people.

Action step:  If you are thinking of someone who needs to hear this, forward this email to them.  It could be exactly what they have been looking for.

Dr. Drew