There are many times in our lives that we have had to take a test- for school, for our job, even for our health. Sometimes we pass and other times well, we don’t.  Some are very important and some are just to pass time.

There is one test to rule them all (in my Lord of the Rings voice).

The test that I’m talking about, is the test for your nervous system.

Why is this test so important you say?

Well- your nervous system controls and regulates everything.  Every cell, every tissue, every organ as well as every system in your body.  Yup that’s pretty much everything.

Without your nervous system, there is no life.

The best way to test the function of your nervous system is through a computerized infrared surface thermography (just like the picture above and just like what I use in the office).

This objectively shows how well your nervous system is functioning.

Unlike testing low on your SATs, testing low on this means you are not optimally functioning at your best.  Which may lead to dis-ease in the body and altered function.  Which basically means, you’re not healthy.

The good news is, you can take this test multiple times without any penalties.  You can even pass it with flying colors even if you have failed in the past.

It just takes a specific adjustment!

If you want to know more about the validity of this test, read this research article: