Great question that stumps a lot of people!  Most people will say something like this- “you catch a cold from other people that have one.”

This is a myth.

The truth is that bacteria and viruses are all around you, they are opportunistic organisms.

Meaning- when an opportunity presents itself, they are happy to partake.  The opportunity is a weakened immune system.

When your immune system is lowered it creates the right opportunity for colds and flu to thrive and control you the host.

So to answer the first question, you have to answer with another question?!?!

What lowers one’s immune system?

I won’t give you the answer so easily- if you want to avoid the flu and cold season this year and really improve your immune system- I want to engage with you in conversation either in the office or online on The Bridge Facebook page.

Getting (so to speak) “sick” is a blessing in disguise.  It truly is the only way to remind you, not to take your health for granted.

Reactive vs. Pro-active- time to make change.

Let’s start the conversation online!
You’ve got nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain…