Can you attest to this-
You are truly pumped and excited to start a project and you are absolutely dedicated that this time you will follow through.

Weeks pass and the fire starts to die a little.  A few months pass and the fire is now almost completely extinguished.

What happened?


I truly feel it is a misnomer = a wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term.

Self motivation is not long lasting.  Think of it as the igniter.  It is what will create the initial burst, but you can’t rely on it to sustain the fire.

So what is the gasoline?


Who or what is holding you accountable?  It can’t be you.

If you want lasting change and are tired of the carousel of life- you need to be held accountable.

In health, in family, in career goals, in personal development.  Accountability is the secret to making things stick.

Hope this is just what you needed to hear!