Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Looks like Phil did NOT see his shadow today which means Spring is around the corner!

Phil is about as successful at predicting the future as the meteorologist is at predicting the weather.

Predicting what will happen in the future is truly difficult.  Living in the future is living in anxiety.  We don’t want that stress.

A great way of thinking about the future is like driving at night.  You only see just up to what your headlights can reach and nothing more.

You trust that the road you are on, is headed to your destination.  You can’t control the winding roads, potholes, or even the weather conditions while driving.

The only thing you can control is that you choose the right road and that you are driving towards your destination.

If you happen to be on the wrong road.  You can always turn back and find the right road!  Just as long as you keep driving.

Apply this analogy to your health, relationships, even your finances.

Enjoy and live in the now- right now!