Hope this finds you well!  We have finally made it to Autumn 2016!

The topic of memory came up this past week while I was doing a presentation to a room full of nurses.  I asked them what they consider problems due to aging?

There were two answers that everyone had on the top of their list:
Balance & Memory.

It is true, those two topics is what I too have heard many people share with me they have issues with as they get older.

So…  For the next several weeks, I will share tips on how to remember anything!

These are tips that help the memory champions memorize incredible amounts of information.

Here is the first tip:
You combine long term memory with short term memory to create medium term memory.  Sounds like a no-brainer, I know..

Here is what I’m talking about.

Let’s use a long term memory like our car.  Visualize the many compartments that are in your car.  They are all stored in your long term memory.  Now take some new information like a shopping list of foods.  Place each grocery item in or on a specific compartment/area in your car.

For example:  An apple is placed into the grill, carrot is stabbed on the hood, orange on the roof, etc.

By combining long term with short term you create the medium term!  The secret to this is that you have to really have a connection to this memory.

By connection, I mean include your senses.

Give it a try and practice.  Memory is like a muscle you can train to get stronger.

Don’t use it, you lose it!

Until next time!

Blue skies,

Dr. Drew

“You never know how far reaching something you may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”   – BJ Palmer