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What to Do Between Adjustments for Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief Ann Arbor

Are you worried about messing up your adjustments after an appointment? 

Do you wonder if there are things you can do to speed up your recovery?

It’s common to spend the day after an adjustment worried about doing something that will take away the benefits of your adjustments. An adjustment lasts a few seconds, and the entire visit is about ten minutes, but what you do in the time between appointments is even more important. 

Here are a few things that can aid your recovery period after an adjustment:

Move and Exercise 
Movement makes a difference in your results, and this doesn’t necessarily mean a grueling workout requiring fancy equipment. A simple five-minute walk, a few times a day, can significantly impact the benefits of your adjustment.

Movement allows your muscles to strengthen and stretch, increases metabolism, and works your joints; even more importantly, it helps your spine! As we move, the discs between our vertebra move, allowing fluid in and out like a sponge; this helps your discs but also helps minimize swelling and inflammation that cause changes to nerves and impact the messages they send. 

Stretching seems like a no-brainer, but actively stretching, or doing stretches incorporated with movement, can loosen muscles and help retrain nerve pathways so that your muscles relax and work better in the long run. 

The muscles are tight after an adjustment because they’re working to protect parts of your spine, pelvis, nerves, and other tissue. After a few adjustments, the muscles will relax, allowing you to stretch freely and feel better. 

Eat Well
By eating right, you provide your body with the proper nutritional components to heal. This will ensure your body has the resources to heal tissues as efficiently and effectively as possible. Eating unhealthy foods risks inflammation in the body which can hinder your recovery.

Get Good Sleep
Sleep impacts the quality of our lives, and the recovery process is no different. REM sleep is an essential time of healing for the body! By getting quality sleep, you help your body understand the adjustments and heal faster than it would without. It’s common after your first adjustment to feel fatigued; this is a positive sign because it shows that the body is trying to heal and restore. 

Experience Back Pain Relief in Ann Arbor with The Bridge Chiropractic

Do you want to experience the full benefits of your adjustment? 

By doing the four things above, you give your body the resources it needs to heal and allow for a quicker recovery before your next appointment. If you’re looking for back pain relief in Ann Arbor, contact our team at (734)929-4060 and experience the benefits of the Gonstead method

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