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Chiropractor Serving Dexter, Michigan

Are you looking for a chiropractor but don’t know what qualities to look for? 

Do you have a specific area of pain you want to focus on? 

Did you know Gonstead Chiropractors provide the most thorough chiropractic exam and treatment in the field? 

Why You Should Visit a Gonstead Chiropractor

Visualization - Provides a cross reference of all findings.

X-Rays - Allows chiropractors to see the spine and any problems that may be present below the surface.

chiropractor in dexter

Instrumentation - Gonstead chiropractors use the nervoscope which detects uneven distributions of heat along the spine

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Visit Your Local Gonstead Chiropractor Serving Dexter, Michigan 

Are you ready to experience pain relief? Scheduling an appointment with a Gonstead chiropractor serving Dexter, Michigan is the first step in your personalized care plan. 

Reach our team at (734)929-4060 or fill out our contact form if you have any questions about our process!

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