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Recurring Back Pain Isn't Normal

Do you wake up with unexplained back pain? 

Have you had episodes of back pain in the past, but less intense than what you’re currently experiencing?

Are you worried that if your pain gets worse, it might stop you from doing daily tasks?

Back pain is often a sign of a deeper problem.

What Causes Back Pain? 

Lots of different things can cause back pain. The most common cause of frequent back pain is trauma or accidents. Traumas or accidents can be big things like car accidents or sports injuries but are more commonly small everyday things like our posture, how we sit at our desks and the time we spend looking down at our phones.

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What Does Back Pain Mean? 

Regardless of what kind of pain you have, it’s a sign from your body alerting you that something needs to be addressed. Back pain is often a sign of spinal problems, degeneration, muscular imbalances, or nerve problems. 

Back pain is also associated with other, deeper, problems. Low back nerves control digestion, bladder, and bowel function. Upper back nerves control things like your lungs, heart, and thyroid. Other health issues can be resolved by correcting your back pain.

How Adjustments Help Back Pain

Our adjustments focus on the root cause of your back pain. After identifying the cause, we can subtly reposition the vertebrae. This allows you to move better and reduces inflammation that affects your nerves and leads to pain or other issues. 

Personalized Chiropractic Care Eliminates Back Pain in Ann Arbor 

Do you need help managing your back pain? 

If you’re ready to wake up pain-free, your first step should be scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor. Dr. Nic Mueller specializes in providing individualized chiropractic care which can alleviate your back pain in Ann Arbor more efficiently than other care providers. 

Contact us at The Bridge Chiropractic to schedule your initial consultation at 734-929-4060. 

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